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Defination of Acting N Dance

It is the most hidden source of Spiritual Force within you which enhances you to express yourself to others about your feelings. Acting, Dance, Fight, Singing or any type of Body Language is the only way to express yourself. Once the ACTION IS ON it instantly inspires you to get up and energizes you to do various body movements to soothe your reflexes and satisfy you mentally.


After knowing the Acting N Dance the world looks at you admiringly for the way you express yourself using your body as the Media. It increases your Mental and Physical ability to face the world proudly. More than 30,000 students passed from our Academy that’s why we proudly say its right choice.

Remember you have the talents its we who brings it out from within you & present to the world…

Thanks to all of my students. They say Shakur Sir is the Best Teacher in the “UNIVERSE”


Shakur Pinjari, popularly known as “Shakur Sir”, has been teaching typical body language including Acting 'N' Dance to the Bollywood stars since 1989. The last decade has seen stars on their “TWINKLE TOES” and the man responsible for the inspiration is none other than Shakur Sir.

He started his career in 1987 as an Assistant Director and has worked in more than 200 films since then. He has also worked as a choreographer, writer and director in more than 300 languages films.

He has worked for almost all big and small production houses. He has organized various stage shows, Dramas and Cultural Programmes in India and Abroad. This vast experience has helped Shakur Sir in understanding his artist students better along with their strength and weakness.

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